I didn’t expect my first post to be looking like I haven’t showered in almost 48 hours. Oh maybe because I haven’t. 🚿

It seems there’s no getting around germs these days. 😷 Typically I only get sick with a cold only once a year… if that. So far this is my second one and all after having little miss here. So that’s two colds in under three months. I shouldn’t complain though. It’s not as rough as it could be, but unfortunately it had to start right as my husband had to go back to work after a nice three months off for paternity leave. I just have to get myself to go downstairs to watch tonight’s episode of The Bachelor because I know if I miss it, I’ll find out what happens before watching it tomorrow. 🤐 Plus Tuesdays are my This Is Us days and I already know TIU’s episode will need a whole ‘nother roll of tp. 😭
Little miss Sophie’s having fun feeling my cool can of La Croix and wanted her pj’s off as I’m sitting here with a roll of tp… in a hoodie… with a high indoor temp of 75° 🌶️ Ok, how do YOU pronounce La Croix?? I say “la crow”. Which would mean “la cuervo” in Spanish. This is far from being tequila. Dang now I want a margarita, but ninguno for this nursing mamacita 😒
Cheers! 🍹

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