Cornflower Hill

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They don’t call me Little Ms. Suzy Homemaker for nothin’! 😉

I’m always up to a new challenge. Crafting, painting, riding my bike, and being creative are my hobbies and I love finding something new to hammer into or restore. Give me some old wood, a miter saw and screws and I’ll find something to build! My part time job is an Art Instructor in the Bay Area of California at Pinot’s Palette. I love being able to help others master their artwork and explore their creativity.

I’ve been a “tinker” and an artist since I was wee high. I recently learned to sew a few years ago, by none other than….my brother in-law! Who would have guessed a 19 year old guy could teach a mom how to sew? Well, as soon as my foot hit the pedal to the metal, I took off with whatever ideas I could find in my extra time. It’s one of the many things I look forward to in my day and I would love to share it with you.